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Questions & Answers
  Answered questions:
1.   Where is the best place to go hiking around Lake Constance?
2.   What should I bring for a summer hiking trip in europe?
3.   What hiking and camping gear should I buy?
4.   When will my pit bull start hiking his leg and peeing? also what should his weight be?
5.   What brand / type of hiking sock should I purchase for a hiking trip through the rainforest during August?
6.   What kind of carriers (for hiking or walking) are there for babies 22 pounds and over?
7.   Which Hawaiian island is best for lots of swimming and hiking in beautiful places?
8.   Do you have any experience hiking in the Grand Canyon?
9.   How can I wear in hiking shoes fast?
10.   Is there any good beginner hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains via Gatlinburg?
11.   What is a good size hiking bag for traveling?
12.   What exercises can I do to get in better shape for hiking?
13.   What are some good ways to get back in shape for hiking?
14.   What are the best ingredients in a trail mix for a hiking trip?
15.   What are good clothes to wear on your legs for hiking in the fall?
16.   I am overweight and a beginner looking to start hiking for fun and fitness. Any ideas on how to get started?
17.   What is the best type of dog to go hiking with?
18.   What type of scare devices can I buy for hiking in mountains that are home to bears?
19.   I am interested in starting a hobby in hiking. I love in Canada (ontario) How do i start?
20.   What are the odds of finding a body hiking in the Angeles Forest, California?
21.   What is the best way to eat while hiking the Appalachian Trail?
22.   Where is the best place to start hiking on the Appalachian trail?
23.   What hiking gear would you suggest for my mom?
24.   Is it important to have hiking shoes instead of sneakers when going hiking?
25.   Do you have any fun camping, hiking and travel recipes for Summer snacks?
26.   What is better for biking and hiking, titan water bottle or klean kanteen wth an added carabiner?
27.   When do boy dogs start hiking their legs to pee?
28.   What are the best hiking boots made in America?
29.   What hiking trails are really open during winter times in Seattle area?
30.   Hiking.....?

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