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Lookout Mountain, Oregon hiking
Location: East of Mt. Hood
Nearest City: Government Camp, Oregon
Length: 2.4 Miles
Elevation Gain: 600 ft
Difficulty: Easy
Forest Pass Required?: Yes

This isn't the most challenging hike you'll ever take, but it may have the best overall view of the northern Oregon Cascades of any hike out there.  If you really do want a challenging hike, you can begin at Robin Hood Campground and climb 3000 feet to the top.  I opted for the shorter route.

You will walk through some sub alpine meadows with the potential for some wildflowers.  At the top, on a clear day, you can see not only Mt. Hood, but Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson, and Three Sisters.

If you want to take pictures of Mt. Hood, the best time of the day to make this hike is in the morning as Lookout is practically due east of the mountain. Just as taking photos of the pyramids during the Egypt holidays.

Also, you'll want to bring some extra clothes just in case.  The elevation is over 6,000 feet.  I'm in shorts and a t-shirt in the photo, but temperatures were fairly cool, and in fact there was a patch of snow not far from where I was standing, and this was in early August.

From Portland drive towards Mt. Hood on Hwy 26.  Take Hwy 35 south towards Hood River.  Between mileposts 70 and 71 you'll turn right onto Dufur Mill Road 44.  At about the 4 mile mark turn right on High Prairie Road 4410.  After almost 5 miles you reach a "T" intersection in the road.  Turn left and go a couple hundred yards to a parking area.  You'll want to take the trail with a "wheelchair accessible" sign (although I don't think anyone will get too far in a wheelchair as there are trees across the trail further up).

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