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Hiking Boots

Buying hiking boots? Even the great feeling boots can leave you with horrible experiences because of shoe bites when new. So, the best tip for buying hiking boots is to buy them a week ahead of the expedition and season them well.

Going on a hiking trip to Alaskan heights or Colorado; California or Western Canadian Mountains, you need to pack a perfect pair of hiking boots regardless of weather. When heavy ground pounding or the unplugged downhill run are the things you expected hiking shoes compare palely with both men's hiking boots and women's hiking boots.

Check the advantages yourselves.

1. Stony, rocky terrains are evened out by the solid bottoms; Nike shoes have air units for optimized cushioning.

2. Boots protect sides better than shoes, which is a common feature in all Merrell Boots, North Face Shoes or Salomon Shoes. Side protection is at least 1/2" high from the soles.

3. Ankles need good protection for the obvious reason. Check the ankle supports by trying to bend shoes sideways. Stiffer the support, harder it is to bend and better is the backup you get in cases of chance twisting of ankles stepping over a stone.

4. Good hiking boots should be waterproof too. It's a different matter you can treat them into ‘waterproofed' later but all good brands are built breathable and waterproof which can't be the case if you do it at home. So the wet, stinking and blistered hiking doesn't haunt you.

5. Good hiking boots sure provide you all track anti-skid rubber compound sole for exceptional traction.

6. Men's hiking boots and women's hiking boots are distinguished by different lasts/contours.

Now, just when you are ready to buy boots, two questions may crop up.

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